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How to Backup Photos w/o Carrying a PC or Using the Internet

I actually read this on Fstoppers and damn it works. Thus I decided to share it. I have made a few annotations which I employ.

I take a portable hard drive, WD passport(1T), and a card reader. Both are virtually no weight and small. I go to the business center of the hotel and use their computer. The computer will either have a SD Card slot or not. If it does you don’t need your card reader. If it doesn’t here’s where the card reader comes in. The computer will most likely have an USB port. The card reader has an USB port. Plug it in and also plug in via the HD to the other USB port. Download your photos to the HD. You’re done, no internet or your own computer required. This can also be done at an internet cafe. To be sure get yourself an USB hub just in case the hotel or internet cafe’s computer only has one USB port. his works.

Why Hire a Wedding or Event Photographer?

Why hire a wedding or event photographer indeed? I just attended a wedding and OMG there were so many people with cameras, cellphones, etc. swarming. The photographer and his assistant were handicapped. I guess the CEO of Yahoo’s comment that there is no such thing as a professional photographer is sparking folks to ignore pro photographers hired to shoot events. Who cares if the couple and the family paid for professional grade photographs? The couple and family will be able to choose from hundreds of pictures taken by their guests; pictures developed in camera and passed on as keepsakes appear to be in. I, for one, hope not. The care, concern, and professionalism taken via a pro photographer to create a photograph should not fade away to this possible new reality. I am curious what you think? Feel free to let me know your thoughts.


Photo Editing Software for Photography

Photo editing software, as you know is a very important feature to photography. This includes those of us that are just snapshot shooters as well as those of us who are taking photographs. There are a lot of choices out there. However, there are really just a few good ones. What I mean is that a lot of folks have put together photo-editing software to get your money. But there are a few that really know what they are doing and help and support you. I like Lightroom, I like Elements and I like Aperture 3. These companies appear to go all out to give us the best possible features. And, they invest a lot in algorithm writers. You may disagree with my choices but you have to admit they are great choices.  I have attached a link to a rather thorough review on photo editing software.