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Ponte Alexandre III Paris France

Paris with A Camera

With camera, lenses, and tripod in tow I set out from Chicago to Paris, ‘The City of Lights’. I stayed in an apartment hotel in Montrouge, http://bit.ly/1sZsiaj, in the 14th arrondissement.

Unlike my other trips to this wonderful city, I decided to travel Paris via public transportation, bus only. The bus trips, in my opinion, were better than taking tour buses. One experiences the flavor of the city amongst the residents verses the tourists.

Some of the places I visited with photos available:

Eiffel Tower – This prominent structure is made out of iron and is built on Champ de Mars. The tower got its name from the engineer who built it and it is the tallest building in the entire city.

Hotel du Cluny –  It was formerly the town house of the abbots of Cluny, started in 1334. The structure was rebuilt by Jacques d’Amboise, abbot in commendam of Cluny 1485-1510; it combines Gothic and Renaissance elements.

Saćre Coeur – The Basilica crowns one of the highest hills in Paris on the butte of Montmartre offering one of the best views of the city.

Louvre – What can I say, the museum of museums. It dates back to 1200 when it was built as a fortress. Today it houses some of the most famous art in the world.

Jardins du Luxembourg – The Jardin (garden) features a series of statues which portray the queens of France and other illustrious women along the terraces of the park

Jardins des Tuileries – The Tuileries garden extends for about a kilometer from Palace du Carrousel to Palace de la Concorde.

Flame of Liberty – The Flame of Liberty (Flamme de la Liberté) in Paris is a full-sized, gold-leaf-covered replica of the new flame at the upper end of the torch carried in the hand of the Statue of Liberty at the entrance to the harbor of New York City since 1986.

Pont Alexander III – The Ponte Alexandre III is considered by many to be one of the prettiest bridges in Paris. The bridge is located south of the Champs Elysees at the southern end of Avenue Winston Churchill in the 7th and 8th arrondissements.

Théâtre de la Ville – One of the two theatres built in the 19th century by Baron Haussmann at Place du Châtelet.

Pont Neuf  – Paris’ oldest bridge. A beautiful bridge over the Seine River and it is also the longest.

The Palace De Chaillot aka the Trocadero – The Palace De Chaillot was constructed for the 1937 World Fair, designed by Boileau, Carlu und Azema built on the previous building, the Trocadero.

La Conciergerie – The “Antechamber to the Guillotine” – Located on the Banks of the Seine the building dates back the 13th and early 14th century. It’s name derives from concierge, as the royal governor in charge of the building was called.

Photos are available at:  http://larryrichey.smugmug.com Please feel free to take look.