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Self Nutrition Data – Know What You EAT!!!

Self nutrition data know what you eat. I found this site while reviewing and looking into the ingredients I was using to brine my food. I was looking to get more information on the health benefits of brining and the ingredients. And damn, this article virtually leaped out at me. Thus I decided to share it. Self Nutrition Data is is good to know. Here’s the site;


Bad Restaurant Food Photography: Strikes Again!!!!

Bad restaurant food photography strikes again. Hats off to the Huffington Post. They are continuing to chronicle bad food pics by restaurants. Don’t let your restaurant be amongst their posts. Take a look and see for yourself at;



Get Great Photos of Family and Friends this Holiday Season Yourself

I thought I would take a moment and step away from food photography and just speak on photography in general. With the upcoming holidays virtually upon us a few of us will be taking photos of family, friends, scenes, etc. So let’s step back and make the photos we take good memorable shots. Take time to know your camera whether it is your phone, a point and shoot, or a DSLR.  And yes, take into consideration lighting (light has many different colors that your camera picks up that we need to compensate for). Our brain makes instantaneous calculations to correct what we see; our cameras need help to get things right. This means getting the White Balance (WB) correct. Let’s not let that colorcast make our friends look alien.

As a final note:  sure, carrying your photos around on your phone or tablet is nice and perhaps this is today’s past time. But prints are a true keepsake. Prints have permanence, remembrance, and value to us all in a special way. If you decide to get prints, take time to know your pixel parameters and the right dimensions for your camera.  Remember, resolution requirements for screen rendering (mobile device or desktop) is not the same for prints. Get your prints done right and they will last.