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Food Photography; Are You Serious with those Pictures of Food on Your Facebook Page, Google Plus, Pinterest and Website of the Food Served at Your Restaurant?????


Do the pictures of the food served at your restaurant, Bistro, etc. look edible? Are you just taking a picture and hoping the viewer will make out what the food is supposed to be? Or are you saying ‘they’ll figure out what this meal is’. And how much is this helping your business??? Studies show that visual acuity is important to consumers, buyers and especially those who dine. Locals, travelers, and other restaurant goers find restaurants mostly online. Are these really the pictures you want them to see of the food served at your restaurant?

Here are a few excerpts for ‘The Power of Visual Communication’

What we see has a profound effect on what we do, how we feel, and who we are. Through experience and experimentation, we continually increase our understanding of the visual world and how we are influenced by it. Psychologists have demonstrated that 93% of communication is nonverbal. Studies find that the human brain deciphers image elements simultaneously, while language is decoded in a linear, sequential manner taking more time to process. Our minds react differently to visual stimuli.

When it comes to quick, clear communication, visuals trump almost every time.

The very same visual elements that we are indelibly drawn to and so quickly absorb not only communicate data more efficiently and effectively but also affect us emotionally.

J. Francis Davis, an adult educator and media education specialist, captured it well when he said, “…in our culture pictures have become tools used to elicit specific and planned emotional reactions in the people who see them.” Visuals are not only excellent communicators but also quickly affect us psychologically and physiologically.

The ability of visual stimuli to communicate and influence is undeniable and inescapable. Through evolution, human beings are compelled to view and disseminate visuals

So visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text, graphics quickly affect our emotions, and our emotions greatly affect our decision-making. If most of our decisions are based on relatively quick intuitional judgment and emotions, then how many decisions are influenced by visually appealing, easily digested pictures? Get the picture????

As aspiring food photography I had to post this. I am seeing way too many bad pictures of food advertised by restaurants either on their Facebook Page, Google Plus Page, Pinterest Clipboard or on their website or on a webpage they subscribe to for restaurant listings. Hey, guys like me can help you. You owe it to yourself, your business and future customer opportunity. Post better pictures or I should say real photographs of your food offerings on your digital media.



Rule of Thirds in Photography

Rule of thirds in photography is a basic composition guideline in photography. Again, it is a guideline. It does not mean one must always follow the rule. However, the rule does give us cause for concern when capturing an image. I could go on about this in my own words. In my readings I have come across a few articles that give very good definitions on this topic and explain this topic in detail. Below are such articles that I feel are very helpful.




Set Your Mind at Ease; Back Up Your Pictures and Your Music

Has your PC’s hard drive every crashed on you or are you one of the lucky ones that this has never happened to you? And you feel this only happens to other people? Much like rotating the tires on your car every 6,000 miles or scheduling a regular checkup at the dentist, backing up the files on our computer is one of those things that we need to do, but for some reason we don’t. We usually promise ourselves that we will get around to these tasks some other time when we are not as busy. However, we know that if a cavity-ridden molar causes us to wince in pain or we lose all the music and family photos saved on my computer, we can blame no one but ourselves for not taking preventive steps.
Backing up your files is not hard to do. Just do it dammit. Plus the cost of hard drive space (external) is cheap. Since most of us sleep at one time or another or leave home to go to work, party or are just out of the house, set the back up for these times. Plus you can set an alert on your phone to remind you that ‘it’s time to back up my files’. Thus there is no excuse. Let’s not lose any more file, documents, pictures or music. Don’t take the risk back up your files.

10 Travel Photography Tips to Help Avoid Regrets When You Get Home

10 travel photography tips to help avoid regrets when you get home. I found another good article I thought is worth sharing. It’s the season for travel.